What is SpikeStory?

SpikeStory is a platform where we share contents to share information and spread awareness to improve self-development skills, mental health, Motivation, Inspiration, Productivity, Psychology, Communication, Relationship and Health. We are more focused on local language communication and we start with active Bengali audience. So we create our contents in Bangla Language. 

What is the purpose of SpikeStory?

SpikeStory is a life-changing platform. Also, SpikeStory is a community whose purpose is to inspire people what they aspire to be.

What are the talking topics of SpikeStory?

 SpikeStory spreading online communication in 6 categories and these are: 1. Motivation, 2. Inspiration, 3. Productivity, 4. Psychology, 5. Relationship and 6. Health

How can I get help from SpikeStory?

If you do follow SpikeStory, you will know more about how can you improve yourself mentally. Also, we are sharing mentorship on personal development, decision making skill, Leadership skill and other soft skills through online contents, workshops, Training, Session and events. 

How can I write blogs for SpikeStory?

If you have good writing skill in Bengali, you can submit your blog/article on our topics. Send an email to write@spikestory.com with your contact detail. Our blog management team will review your blog/article to publish from the website.

How can i ask queries, support or Invite SpikeStory?

If you have any query, an interest of support or want to invite SpikeStory for any workshop, session, events or show please send email on info@spikestory.com.